Vision & Mission


Our Vision

SIR has developed the DPR of Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana, initiated by Planning Commission, Government of India, for district- Hamirpur and district- Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh (Budget: Rs. 45.00 Crore for each district).

It was welcomed, sanctioned and successfully implemented. Later on, on the vision of then President of India, Hon'ble APJ Abdul Kalam, a DPR on PURA scheme for district- Azamgarh was developed by SIR to Provide Urban Amentias in Rural Areas (PURA).

Our Mission

MISSION OF SIR is the sustainable growth of human beings by empowering them socially, economically, educationally and physically,. We dream to form such a society, where is no place for the identity of caste, region, religion, language, income, etc. Everybody of the society could feel pleasure in helping others without any expectation and everybody try not to be dependent upon others for help but keep trying on one's own.

There should be a friendly, loving, sacrificing, emotional, moral, professional, accountable, and positive environment to lead a cheerful life. The goal of SIR is to reduce the drudgery of common people. The drudgery might be related with consumption i.e. Economical, or access/recognition i.e. Social factor, knowledge i.e. Education, or health i.e. Physical factors.



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